We had quite a bit on the itinerary for Drumheller and surprisingly, hit each and every one! Clearly this trip was turning us into road hacking ninjas 😛

We started our drive to Horseshoe Canyon where the official entrance and trail was closed for development. Fear not, just a little further west was a second upper rim viewpoint looking down into the canyon. We weren’t sure if it was safe to hike down so we howled the question to any form of life below but to no avail. Sienna, however, responded to us with her own version of a howl but we don’t speak toddler so had no clue if she was helpful or not.

From there, we made our way to Orkney Viewpoint overlooking the Red Deer River Valley in all its glory. We watched from above as they were filming Lost in Space 2 but could not see anything distinguishable.  All we knew was that the Canadian badlands made for the perfect backdrop, what with its dry terrain and fiery-coloured sedimentary rocks.

Our next destination, or rather throroughfare to our next destination was the Bleriot Ferry. This was more of a novelty activity since we didn’t actually need to go on the ferry to get to the other side but hey, it’s free and now we can say we drive a vehicle that rode a ferry 😛 Jon and I got a good chuckle when we got there because three Asian men had their fancy cameras out snapping everything in sight. If you’re Asian and have ever seen the meme, you know it to be true.

Horsethief Canyon and the Little Church was next on our list, followed by The Royal Tyrell Museum. I wish we saved our time and money by skipping the museum. Sienna was too young for it and didn’t really enjoy anything except for the few real-life dinosaur models (most were just skeletons of what once was).

Having built a dinosaur-level appetite, we headed to Bernie & the Boys Bistro. This cute little restaurant did not disappoint. Rightfully so, with Guy Fieri standing behind the diner claiming “You gotta eat here!”, or was that another show? Since neither Sienna nor Jon were up for the challenge, I decided against ordering the 25oz Mammoth burger and opted for a regular size (but still very tasty) burger instead.

As we headed to our Airbnb, we saw the World’s Largest Dinosaur peeking through the residential shrubs. I wish I stopped Jon to take a photo because it would have made the most dramatic composition. Instead, we drove right up to it only to find that they were closed for repairs.

After a short nap and recharge, we made our way to the Atlas Coal Mine to join the five o’clock train cart tour. At $12 per adult, this was a fun experience for everyone. Without giving too much away (this is exciting stuff, guys!), Jon and I learned of the dismal working conditions back in the coal-mining era, along with some trivia about our Canadian Railways. Sienna’s attention was initially held by the jerky movements of the train cart but blueberries were the real star that managed to keep her content for the remainder of the tour.

On our way back to our accommodation, we stopped for some photos with the hoodoos and curiosity led us to Ghost Town Wayne. Jon’s spooky stories of mountain-men cannibals and one confederate flag later, we high-tailed out of there and never looked back.

The Atlas Coal Mine
Choose Your Adventure
The Atlas Coal Mine
Train Cart Tour
The Atlas Coal Mine
Blueberry Baby

Drumheller Hoodoos

Drumheller Hoodoos

Drumheller Hoodoos

Read more about our road trip to BC here!


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