Whistler Trainwreck

The only activity we had on our itinerary in Whistler was to visit the Trainwreck. We knew we wanted to make it as short of a hike as possible and found that the closest parking area to the wreck was the one at the Janes Lake FSR turnoff. The turnoff is a little difficult to find since it looks like a service road so we ended up doubling back until we found it. The hike itself was only 30 minutes total for us which was perfect! We crossed suspension bridge #239870923741093274 to get to the abandoned box cars which was a nice change from the abundance of mountains, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and suspension bridges (not that there are ever really enough of these beauties).

The story of the wreck was not as Hollywood as I imagined it to be. Since there were no signs of tree casualties, I pictured the conductor navigating around the forest into its current position in true action movie form. Not the case in this real-life story – it was moved using logging machinery shortly after the crash in 1956. Long story short, the train derailed going 56 km/h on a 15 km/h area under repair trying to make schedule. To free up a block in the line, the three boxcars were moved into the forest.

Whistler Trainwreck
Pose inspired by the graffiti around him. I apologize in advance to all the graffiti artists seeing this 🙂

2018-09-21 11.18.24 1.jpgWhistler TrainwreckWhistler TrainwreckWhistler TrainwreckWhistler TrainwreckWhistler Trainwreck

Whistler Trainwreck
We go where she tells us to go.

Whistler TrainwreckWhistler Trainwreck

Whistler Trainwreck
Upset about her shoes.
Whistler Trainwreck
… and now all is forgotten.

Whistler TrainwreckFor more about our road trip to BC, click here!


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