Columbia Icefield – Glacier Adventure

If I knew then what I know now, I probably would have passed on this adventure. Although the experience was totally unique and definitely neat, the more I learned about the dangers on a glacier, the more I cringe about having been there. Trust me, just google: glacial moulins.

There were multiple incidents of tourists, including myself, falling through which luckily, was just big enough for a leg. That’s a non-issue for myself since I’m not so fragile and didn’t really get hurt but when we went to report it, the attendant replied with “Oh yeah, someone told me about that one already” and continued not to do anything about it. Only after he finished his conversation with his coworker did he proceed to mark the area with a warning. Not cool when you have kids and elderly walking about.

I hate to be negative because the experience itself at the time was amazing. I mean, we hopped onto an ice explorer that descended down a mountain with a 60% gradient/59 degree slope using monster truck tires for crying out loud. It literally felt like we were one of those goats hanging completely vertical alongside a mountain. So freaking cool!

Once we got down to the glacier, Sienna and Jon became part of the attraction. Tourists were asking to take photos with her with even one going as far as taking her from me. It was comical but also left me speechless because I wanted my baby back! I turned to Jon to see his reaction to it all and instead found him filling up everyone’s bottle with glacier water. We’ll just be taking tips as you head into your bus now, thank you very much 😛

Zero dollars in tips later, Sienna was enjoying her first steps on the snow/ice and she lit right up.

Like I said, quite the experience and highly recommend if you are willing to overlook a couple of minorly major things.

Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure
Jon, Sienna, and a lineup of Ice Explorers!

Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure

Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure

Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure
Taking her first steps on the glacier, living dangerously (notice the caution sign in the background).

Columbia Icefield Glacier AdventureColumbia Icefield Glacier AdventureColumbia Icefield Glacier Adventure

Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure
A different point of view of the Athabasca Glacier
Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure
On our way to the Glacier Skywalk. I think this is when she started coming down with a fever 😦

Columbia Icefield Glacier AdventureFor more about our road trip to BC, click here!


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