Fur Fam

My phone is filled with photos of my boys but wanted something more “artsy” to hang on the wall.  The following are my two attempts at this and I actually really love them both.

The first photo was no easy task.  To have all three sit still and pose for a photo is impossible, I’ve concluded.  So being the trickster that I am, I took individual shots of my critters against a white background and stitched the three photos together.  Even that was a feat on its own so shoutout to salmon sticks!

L to R: Frankie, Decker, Drako

The second is a photo of Decker waiting impatiently in the car on his way to the vet.  Car rides are no fun for the little guy so he is constantly trying to get out of his cardboard carrier (which he actually ripped apart once we got to the vet.  We knew it was coming).  His cries from inside are sad but very entertaining to us.  Are we horrible parents for thinking so? Hehe.  Anyway, every time I looked into one of the holes to see how he was doing, I’d get a glimpse of a deceivingly angelic cat.  So I snapped away and was rewarded with this gem.


Anyway, just thought I’d share some tips on taking photos of your more hairy family members and thought it a great way to introduce mine with you also 🙂


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